Miriam Kalamian is a nutrition consultant, educator, and author specializing in the implementation of ketogenic therapies. She earned her master of education (EdM) from Smith College and her master of human nutrition (MS) from Eastern Michigan University. She is board certified in nutrition (CNS) by the Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists.

Inspired by the work of Thomas N. Seyfried, PhD, Miriam draws on a decade of experience to provide comprehensive guidelines that specifically address the many diet and lifestyle challenges associated with a cancer diagnosis.

Miriam is a leading voice in the keto movement. Her passion for helping others implement this diet comes directly from her personal experience. Her son Raffi was diagnosed with a brain tumor in December 2004. Standard of care therapies failed to stop the relentless progression of his disease, and it became painfully clear that she needed to switch gears quickly. That is what originally led her to Dr. Thomas Seyfried’s research supporting the use of the ketogenic diet for cancer.

Beyond cancer, Miriam integrates nutritional strategies with metabolic therapies and lifestyle modifications to develop personalized treatments that address a broad spectrum of conditions that are currently considered intractable, including age-related, neurodegenerative, and bariatric diseases.

Miriam lives in Montana with her husband Peter. Learn more about their personal journey and Raffi's Story

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Dr. Thomas Seyfried's ongoing research, including his groundbreaking book, Cancer as a Metabolic Disease, reinvigorated the dormant metabolic theory of cancer originally brought forth by Dr. Otto Warbug. This presentation was captured at the 58th annual meeting of the American College of Nutrition in Alexandria, Virginia and highlights the potential of combining a therapeutic ketogenic diet along with novel non-toxic therapeutics in the metabolic management of cancer.

2nd Annual Conference on Nutritional Ketosis and Metabolic Therapeutics February 2017, Tampa, FL Responding to Diet Saboteurs, Critics, and Skeptics Presented by: Miriam Kalamian, M.S. This video is for informational purposes only. It should not be taken as medical advice.

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